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Where Rock Ain't Dead, the Blues Live On, and Country Music will have you moving your feet!




Key Palace Theater 2019

Blues & Country Artists

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at the Key Palace Theater in 2019

My Yellow Rickshaw

January 18, 2020

Let My Yellow Rickshaw “boldly take you where no cover band has gone before!” Since 2009, this rotating group of friends, neighbors and musicians have been entertaining folks around Indianapolis with humor, variety and seamless covers into every show. From Taylor Swift to Timberlake, Zac Brown Band to Alabama, The Temptations to Van Morrison, Cyndi Lauper to Guns ‘N Roses, TLC to Usher, plenty of top 40 and hip-hop, and even an Irish jig or two, you will hear musical selections from the 1950’s to today’s current hits.


With a refreshing lineup of sounds that includes fiddle, mandolin, upright bass, harmonica and melodica (what’s that, you ask?), My Yellow Rickshaw will take you on a unique and hilarious journey at every show.


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Night Fall Band

January 25, 2020

What started out as a request to “get the band together” to play one time for a benefit has ended up being a reunion of old friends.

Get out of your seat and move your feet to songs from Bob Seger, ZZ Top, Joan Jett, Lynard Skynard and more!


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Why Store Band

February 15, 2020

The Why Store is led by Chris Shaffer an intense, emotional songwriter with a repertoire of 150+ original songs. Add to that another 30 covers, and what you get on stage is a unique experience every night. He does not prepare a set list before his three-hour-long performances and instead draws randomly from his entire arsenal of songs. Chris has never played the same set of songs in the same order. He is very open to his audience and allows his live shows to be recorded and shared freely.


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Biscuit Miller

& The Mix

March 14, 2020

Biscuit Miller has done it again!  Following on the success of “Wishbone” comes his 4th Studio Album, “Chicken Grease”. This time around Biscuit has teamed up with Producer Ben Elliot, who has recorded, mixed and produced artists for over 25 years.  Ben is known for his expertise in diverse musical genres, having recorded classic artists such as Eric Clapton and Keith Richards, and specializes in the Blues genre.  This has turned out to be a great collaboration for Biscuit Miller’s 2019 release of “Chicken Grease”!

 Biscuit and his band, The Mix, have been touring extensively ever since winning his first BMA in 2012, recording and releasing “Wishbone” in 2016, and winning a second BMA in 2017.  The Mix is a sometimes-changing cast of players, but bassist and front man Biscuit Miller is consistently known for his high energy shows and blazing million-dollar smile.  He is a born entertainer and is at home on the stage where he connects with his audience through a fun and funky approach to the blues. 


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